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APF    American Porphyria Foundation, Houston, Texas Dr. Douglas E. Geoger, Ph.D.
AU     Dr. Michael Moore M.D. University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia
CAN    Dr. Barry Tobe, M.D. Canadian Porphyria Foundation, Canada
FR     French Center for the Porphyrias, Paris France
GD    Dr. H. Winter Griffith MD Guide to Drugs
P-450    Dr. David Flockhardt, Pharmacology, Indiana University Medical School
SA    University of Cape Town Medical Research Council - Liver Research Center -
South Africa
NE    The Netherlands Unsafe Drug List (Rene Gessel)
OH    Dr. Thomas DeLoughery MD, Oregon Heaklth Sciences University,
Portland, Oregon
UK    United Kingdom Porphyria Drug Index
WU    Washington University Medical School, St. Louis, Missouri
    Individual pharmaceutical packing information enclosures.

* Indicates that there is evidence that the drug has induced porphyria.
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*Nadrolone AU OH
*Nalidixic Acid AU OH WU
Naltrexane SA
*Nandrolone OH
Natamycin AU OH
Necon (Birth control/estrogen)
Nembutal (1) (Barbiturate)
*Neuramate (Meprobamate)
Nicergoline (Conflicting evidence) AU OH
*Nifedipine AU OH WU
*Nikethamide AU CAN OH WU
Nitrazepam (Benzo) AU OH WU
*Nitrofurantoin AU OH
Noctec (Chloral hydrate)
Nolex (Guaifensin)
*Nolvadex (Tamoxifen) AU CAN OH
*Noradex (Orphenadrine)
Norethin (Birth control)
(An Inducer of Cytochrome P-450)
*Norflex (Orphenadrine)
Norgestrel (Progestin)
Norinyl (Birth control)
Norlestin (Birth control)
Nortripyline (Amitriphyline)
*Norplant (Levonorgestrel)
Novo-Veramil (Verapamil) AU OH
Nova -Alprazol (Benzo)
Novobiocin AU OH
Novoclopate (Benzo) GD
Novodipam (Benzo) GD
Novoflupam (Benzo)
Novolorazem (Benzo) GD
*Novo - Mepro (Meprobamate)
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*Octamide (Metroclopramide)
Oestrogens (Hormones)
*Oflex (Orphenadrine)
(This is an Inducer of Cyctochrome P-450)
[Omnicef] (Cephalosporin) (Conflicting evidence)
Oral Contraceptives
*Orphenadrine AU
Oxandrolone SA
Oxanamide AU OH
Oxatomide AU OH
[Oxazepam] (Benzo) (Conflicting evidence) AU OH
Oxybutynin OH
Oxycodone AU OH
*Oxymetazoline AU OH
*Oxymethalone SA
*Oxyphenbutazone AU OH
Oxytetracycline AU OH

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Paraflex (Chloroxazone)
Paramethadione AU OH
Pargyline AU OH
*Pax 400 (Meprobamate)
Paxipam (Benzo) GD
Pediazole (Sulfonamide) APF
*Peganone (Hydantoin)
*Pentazocine AU OH WU
Pentobarbital (Barbiturate)
Peptol (Cimetidine)
Perhexiline AU OH
*Pergolide (Ergot)
Phenacetin AU OH
Phenaphen w/ Codeine 2 (Barbiturate)
Phenaphen w/ Codeine 3 (Barbiturate)
Phenaphen w/ Codeine 4 (Barbiturate)
Phenergan (Promethazine) SA
Phenobarital (Barbiturate) (Is an Inducer of Cyctochrome P-450)
Phenobaritone (Barbiturate) AU OH
*Phenobartbiton (Barbiturate)
Pheno-Bella (Barbiturate)
Phenoxybenzamine AU OH
*Phensuxmide AU OH WU
*Phenylbutazone AU OH
Phenylhydrazine AU OH
*Phenytoin AU CAN OH
Phrenillin (Barbiturate)
Phrenillin Forte (Barbiturate)
*Piperazine (Estrogen)
*Piroxicam AU OH
*Pivmecillinam AU OH
Placidyl (Ethchlorvynol) APF
*Plaquenil (Hydroxychloroquine) SA
PMS Diazapam (Benzo)
PMS Primadone (Primidone)
PMS Sulfasalazine (Sulfonamide)
PMS Sulfasalazine EC (Sulfonamide)
Prazepam (Benzo)
(Is an Inducer of Cytochrome P-450)
Premarin (Estrogen)
*Premphase (Estrogen)
*Prempro (Estrogen)
Prenylamine AU OH
*Prilocine AU OH
Prilosec (Omeprazole) SA
*Primidone APF
*Probate (Meprobate)
[Probenecid] (Conflicting evidence) AU OH
*Procardia (Calcium channel blocker)
Pro-Depo (Progestin)
Prodrox (Progestin)
*Progestaject (Progestin)
*Progesterone APF
*Progestilin (Progestin)
Progestins/Synthetic APF
Progabide AU OH
*Progestin APF
Proloprim (Trimethoprim)
Promethazine AU OH SA
[Propanidid] (Conflicting evidence) AU OH
ProSom (Benzo) GD
Protrin (Sulfonamide)
Provera (Progestin)
*Pyrazinamide APF AU OH WA
*Pyrazolone APF
Pyrrocaine AU OH
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Q-gesic (Meprobamate)
Quazepam (Benzo)
Quinalbarbital (Barbiturate)
Quinalbarbitone (Barbiturate)
Quinacrine (Known to induce attacks)
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Ranitidine SA
*Reclomide (Metoclopramide)
*Reglan (Metoclopramide)
Rela (Carisoprodol) APF
[Relafen] (Conflicting evidence) AU OH
Relaxadon (Barbiturate)
Renedil (Calcium channel blocker)
Renoquid (Sulfonamide)
Repan (Barbiturate)
Restoril (Benzo)
Rheumatrex (Methotrexate)
*Ridura (Gold Compound)
] Rifampin APF (Is an Inducer of Cytochrome P-450)
Ritalin SA
Rivotril (Benzo)
Robamol (Muscle relaxant)
Robaxin (Muscle relaxant)
Robaxisal GD
Robaxaxin (Muscle relaxant)
Robomol (Muscle relaxant)
Roubac (Sulfonamide)
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Salazopyrin (Sulfa drug)
Salazosulfapyridine (Sulfa drug)
Salicylazosulfapyridine (Sulfa drug)
Sandimmune (Cyclosporin)
Sarisol No. 2 (Barbiturate)
S.A.S.-500 (Sulfa drug)
S.A.S. Enteric-500 (Sulfa drug) Secobarital (Barbiturate) (Inducer of Cytochrome P-450)
Seconal (Barbiturate)
*Sedabamate (Metprobamate)
Sedapap (Barbiturate)
Sedatives APF
Septocaine[ ] (Cnflicting evidence) AU OH
Septra (Sulfa drug)
Septra DS (Sulfa drug)
Serax (Benzo)
Sertan (Primadone)
Sibbelium (Calcium channel blocker)
Simvastatin AU OH
SMZ-TMP (Sulfonamide)
Sodol (Carisoprodol) APF
Sodium Aurothiomalate AU OH
Sodium Oxybate AU OH
*Sodium Stilogluconate
[Sodium Valproate] (Conflictig evidence) AU OH
Solfoton (Barbiturate)
Sollum (Benzo) GD
Somnol (Benzo) GD
Sopridol (Carisprodol) APF
*Soridol (Carisprodol) APF
Spaslin (Barbiturate)
Spasmolin (Barbiturate)
Spasmorphen (Barbiturate)
Spasquid (Barbiturate)
*Spironolactone AU OH
Stanozolol AU OH
Succinimides APF
Sulfacytine (Sulfa drug)
Sulfadiazine (Sulfa drug)
*Sulfadimethoxine (Sulfa drug)
*Sulfadimidine (Sulfa drug)
*Sulfadoxine (Sulfa drug)
*Sulfafurazole (Sulfa drug)
*Sulfamerazine (Sulfa drug)
*Sulfamethizole (Sulfa drug)
Sulfamethoprin (Sulfonamide) APF
Sulfamethoprin DS (Sulfonamide) APF
*Sulfamethoxazole (Sulfa drug)
*Sulfamoxole (Sulfa drug)
Sulfaprim (Sulfonamide)
Sulfaprim DS (Sulphonamide)
*Sulfasalazine (Sulfa drug) AU OH
*Sulfathiazole (Sulfa drug)
Sulfatrim (Sulfonamide)
*Sulfinpurazone (Slfa drug) OH
Sulfisoxazole (Sulfa drug)
Sulfonamide-antibiotics APF
Sulfoxaprim (Sulfa drug)
Sulfoxaprim DS (Sulpha drug)
Sulmeprim (Sulphonamide)
*Sulphacetamide AU OH
*Sulphadiazine AU OH
*Sulphadimidine AU OH
*Sulphadoxine AU OH
*Sulphamethoxazole AU OH
*Sulphasalazine AU OH
*Sulphonylureas AU OH
Sulphinpyrazone AU OH
Sulphride OH
Sulthiame AU OH
Sultopride AUI OH
Susano (Barbiturate)
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T-Quill (Benzo) GD
Tagament (Cimetidine) SA
Tabutal (Barbiturate)
*Tamoxifen AU CAN OH
Tecnal (Barbiturate)
Tedral (C0ntain barbiturate)
Tedral SA (Contains barbiturate)
Tedrigen (Contains barbiturate)
Teev (Androgen)
*Tega-Flex (Orphenadrine)
*Tegretol (Carbamazepine)
TEH Compound (Contains Hydoxyzine) AU OH
Temazepam (Benzo) (Conflicting evidence)
Tencet (Barbiturate)
T.E.P. (Barbiturate)
*Terfenadine AU OH
Tes Est Cyp (Androgen / Estrogen)
Testa - C (Androgen)
Testamone (Androgen)
Testaqua (Androgen)
Test-Estro Cyplonate (Androgen / Estrogen)
Testex (Androgen)
Testroderm (Androgen)
Testoject - 50 (Androgen)
Testoject LA (Androgen)
Testred (Androgen)
Testred-Cyplonate (Androgen)
Testin - PA (Androgen)
Theodrine (Barbiturate)
Theodrine Pediatric (Barbiturate)
Theofed (Barbiturate)
Theofedral (Barbiturate)
Theomax (Hydroxyzine)
*Theophyllline (Some combinations of this drug contain baribiturates)
Thiosulfil Forte (Sulfonamide)
Tiazac (Calcium channel blocker)
Tilidat AU OH
Tinidazole AU OH
*Tolazamide (Sulfa drug) AU OH WU
*Tolbutamide AU CAN OH WU
*Tolinase (Sulfa drug)
T-Quil (Benzo)
[Tramadol] (Conflicting evidence)
*Trancot (Meprobamate)
*Tranmep (Meprobamate)
Tranquilizers (Classification)
(Include Hydroxyzine, Loxapine, Meprobamate, Benzos) APF
Tranqulgesic (Meprobamate)
*Tranxene (Benzo)
Tranxene T-Tab (Benzo)
Tranxene - SD (Benzo)
Tranylcypromine AU OH
Trazodone CAN OH
Trazodone HCL AU
Triad (Barbiturate)
Triapin (Barbiturate)
Triavil (Amitripyline)
Triazole (Sulfonamide)
Triazole DS (Sulfonamide)
Tri-Hydroserpine (Hydoxyzine)
Tri-Levlen (Birth Control)
Trime-thadone (Conflicting evidence) WU
Trimeth-Sulfa (Sulfonamide)
Trisulfam (Sulfonamide)
Trivora (Birth Control)
Troxidone OH WU
Tuinal (Barbiturate)
Two-Dyne (Barbiturate)
Tylosterone (Androgen / Estrogen)
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*Ultram (Tramadol)
Urobak (Sulfonamide)
Uroplus DS (Sulfonamide)
Uroplus SS (Sulfonamide)
Urotoin (Nitrofurantoin) AU OH
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Valergen 40 (Estrogen)
Valertest No. 1 (Androgen / Estrogen)
Valium (Benzo)
Valproate AU OH
*Valproic Acid APF
Valpromide AU OH
Valrelease (Benzo) GD
Vantin (Cephalsporin)
[Vascor] (Calcium channel blocker) (Conflicting evidence)
[Velosef] (Cephalosporin)
*Verapamil (Calcium channel blocker) AU OH WU
*Verelan (Verapamil) (Calcium channel blocker)
Vibutal (Barbiturate)
Viloxazine HCI AU OH
[Vinblastine] (Conflicting evidence) AU OH
[Vincristine] (Conflicting evidence) AU OH
*Vistaril (Hydroxyzine)
Vivol (Benzo)
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Wehgen (Estrogen)
Wigraine (Ergot)
Winstrol (Androgen)
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Xanax (Benzo) GD
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Zapex (Benzo)
Zebrax (Benzo)
Zetran (Benzo)
*Zoloft (Carries warning for liver disease patients)
Zovia (Birth control)
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