The symptoms of porphyria are many and varied.  Each porphyria patients reacts differently from another, and each acute attack of porphyria varies from another. Also be aware when seeking medical care that many medical professionals including physicians are still learning about porphyria and many may never have treated a patient with porphyria. *Please be aware that there is no cure for porphyria.  Also please be aware that some types of porphyria treatments are experimental. The following symptomology is classifed according to types.

General Symptomology:

___Abdominal pain
___Abdominal tenderness
___Loss of appetite
___Carbohydrate craving
___Breast secretions
___Partial ileus [Intestinal blockage]
___Abdominal distention
___Dysuria [Painful Urination]
___Bladder Dysfunction
___Urinary Retention
___Amenorrhea [Lack of menses]

Physical Findings of Acute Attack

___Red or dark urine
___Tachycardia [Pulse] >100
___Labile hypertension >90 diastolic [blood pressure]
___Fever [Pyrexia]
___Profused sweating
___Edema [Retention of fluids] [Swelling]
___Postural Hypotension [Low Blood Pressure]
___Hypertrichosis [excessive body hair growth]
___Hyperpigmentation [skin coloring]

Neurological Symptoms of Acute Attack
[Peripheral manifestations]

___Peripheral neuropathy
___Muscle weakness
___Paresis . paralysis
___Sensory disorde
___Respiratory paralysis
___Foot drop
___Wrist drop
___Abnormal Gait
___Pain:  Arms, legs, hips and/or lower back
___Loss of sensation
               ___Burning Sensation
___Bulbar paresis
                ___Tongue paralization
                ___Mouth paralization
                ___Throat paralization

[Cerebral manifestations]

___Behavorial change
___ANS [altered neurological state]
___Sensory loss
___Depressed or absent tendon reflexes
___Cranial nerve involvement

Hematology/Blood Chemistry

___Hyponatremia [Below normal sodium level] <130
___Increased Bun [Urea Nitrogen]
___Increased AST [Aspartate Aminotransferase]
___Elevated Alkaline Phosphatase [Liver panel test]
___Increased ALT [Aspartate Aminotransferase]
___Hypokalemia [Below normal potassium level]
___Leukocytosis [Abnormal increase in WBC] > 10,000
___Increased ESR >22
___Hypochloremia < 90 [A decrease in the chloride level]
___Anemia [Iron deficiency]

Cutaneous manifestations

___Skin photosensitivity
___Severe Tissue Scarring
___Increased Hair growth
___Pigmentation Darkening
___Thickening of skin
___Severe Itching

Special lab studies

___Decreased blood volume
___EEG abnormalities
___Electromyographic abnormalities
___Muscle denervation
___Decreased nerve conduction velocity
___Abnormal CSF
___Increased fibrillation potential

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