The following anesthetics have been researched and verified by anesthesiologists and the list was distributed at a Nurse Anesthetist Conference Spring 1999.

The following Anesthetics  are considered safe for general surgery:

Anectine [Muscle relaxant]
Curarchloride [Muscle relaxant]
Diprivan [Used for inducing sleep]
Duragesic [A narcotic used for pain control]
Fentanyl [A narcotic used for pain control]
Midazolam [Used for inducing sleep]
Parulon [Muscle relaxant]
Propofol [Used for inducing sleep]
Recuronium [IV neuromuscular blocker]
Sevoflurane [Sleep inhalation gas]
Toredol [Intravenous preparation for pain]
Tubocurarine [Muscle relaxant]
Versed [Used for inducing sleep]
Zemuron [IV neuromuscular blocker]

Please note:
Appropriate anesthetic management of porphyria requires knowledge of the type of porphyria (acute vs non-acute), assessment of latent versus active (crisis) phase, awareness of clinical features of porphyric attack, and knowledge of safe pharmacologic intervention. Various types of porphyria require diferent anesthesia and various amounts given. It is not the same for all kinds.

Compiled By Michelle G.  RNA 4/1999
Surgical nurse anethestist

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