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Unsafe Drug List

The pharmaceutical listing contained herein has been devised without reference to language, societal, cultural, dietary, prescribing or dispensing conditions [including those imposed by law], other than those of the United States, which might affect the information provided.

This list of pharmaceuticals contains only the listing of drugs known to be UNSAFE or considered potentially to be UNSAFE for porphyrics.

Listing of the pharmaceuticals on this site are due to the actions,precautions, side effects, or interactions of the given medication in relation to porphyria patients, or the drug's action in regard to cytochrome P-450 and it's metabolism in the liver.

The listing of these pharmaceuticals is not intended as medical advice for individual problems. It is provided only for porphyria patients making an evaluation as to the risks and benefits of taking a particular drug.

The potential for various drugs triggering attacks of acute porphyria is based primarily on clinical evidence. Some conclusions are based upon tests with animals with experimental porphyria.

The information about drugs contained in this database is general in nature and is intended for use as an educational aid. It also does not cover all possible uses of a said medicine.

*Be reminded that a specific drugs may work well for one porphyria patient and not for another usually due to other existing medical conditions of the particular patient.

Porphyria patients and their physicians must make their decisions on the use of medications appropriate to their own circumstances and in view of other existing medical conditions.

The following unsafe drug list must serve only as a guide since individual patient reactions to specific drug is complex and unpredictable especially with other existing conditions both related and unrelated to the various porphyrias.

Because many new drugs have not been tested, such drugs should be avoided. It often takes up to five years to realize the side effects of many new drugs on the market. If it is critical that an untested drug be used, contact with a porphyria specialist should be made before proceeding to use the drug in question.

Drugs marked with an asterisk * have been documented as associated with acute attacks of porphyria.

Information on this website is for the use of Porphyria Patients and their Physicians only and may not be sold.
Copyright @ 2003 Porphyria Educational Services. All rights reserved.

APF    American Porphyria Foundation, Houston, Texas Dr. Douglas E. Geoger, Ph.D.
AU     Dr. Michael Moore M.D. University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia
CAN     Dr. Barry Tobe, M.D. Canadian Porphyria Foundation, Canada
FR     French Center for the Porphyrias, Paris France
GD    Dr. H. Winter Griffith MD Guide to Drugs
P-450    Dr. David Flockhardt, Pharmacology, Indiana University Medical School
SA    University of Cape Town Medical Research Council - Liver Research Center -
South Africa
NE    The Netherlands Unsafe Drug List (Rene Gessel)
OH    Dr. Thomas DeLoughery MD, Oregon Heaklth Sciences University,
Portland, Oregon
UK    United Kingdom Porphyria Drug Index
WU     Washington University Medical School, St. Louis, Missouri
   Individual pharmaceutical packing information enclosures.

*    Indicates that there is evidence that the drug has induced porphyria.

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*Acabamate (Meprobamate - generic) APF AU CAN GD OH WU
[Acetaminophen] SA (*in large doses or long-term use) SA
Alcohol APF
Alcuronium AU OH
*Adalat ( Nifedipine) APF GD
*Aldomet SA
Alkylating agents WU
Alesse (birth control) GF
*Alphaxalone AU OH
Alprazolam (Benzo) AU OH GD
Alprazolam Intensol AU OH GD
Aluminum Preparations AU OH
*Alurate (Barbiturate) GD
Amaphen (Barbiturate) GD
Amern (Progestin) GD
Amidopyrine AU OH
Aminoglutethimide AU OH
Aminophylline AU CAN OH WU
Amiodarone AU OH SA
*Amitriptyline AU OH
Amobarbital (Barbiturate) GD
[Amphetamines] [See individual drugs as many are unsafe]
*Amylorbaritone (Verified cause) AU
Amytal (Barbiturate)
Anabolic steroids SA
Anabolin SA
Anadrol SA
Anavar SA
Ancalixir (Barbiturate)
Androgens SA WU
Anolor-300 (barbiturate)
Anoquan (Barbiturate)
Antrocol (Belladonna/Barbiturate)
Anticonvulsants [ *Neurontin is considered safe.]
Anti-epsilepsy Drugs [Some] [APF]
Anti-depressants [Some]
Apo-Flurazepam (Benzo) GD
Apo - Lorazepam (Benzo) GD
*Apro - Meprobamate (Meprobamate) APF
*Apo-Metoclop (Metoclopramate) APF
Apo- Primidon APF
Apo-Sulfamethoxazole (Sulfonamide) APF
Apo-Sufatrim (Sulfonamide) APF
Apo-Sulfatrin - DS (SUlfonamide) APF
Apo-Sulfisoxizole (Sulfa)
Aprobarital (Barbiturates)
Aralen (Chloroquine) SA
Arcet (Barbiturate)
Articaine (conflicting data)
Ascomp w/ Codeine No. 3 (Barbiturate)
Atabrine (Quinacrine) GD
Ativan (Conflicting evidence) (Benzo)
*Auranofin AU OH
*Aurothiomalate AU OH
Aygestin (Progestin) GD
Azaline (Sulfa) GD
Azapropazone AU OH
Azulfidine (Sulfa)
Azulfidine En-Tabs (Sulfa)
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B-A-C w/ Codeine (Barbiturate)
BaclofenAU OH
Bactrim (Sulfonamide) APF
Bactrim DS (Sulfonamide) APF
Bancap (Barbiturate) APF
Barbita (Barbiturate) APF
*Barbiturates APF CA FR OH
Barbidonna (Barbiturate)
Barbidonna-2 (Barbiturate)
Barophen (Barbiturate)
*Bemegride OH
Belladenal -S (Barbiturate)
Bellalphen (Barbiturate)
*Bellergal (Barbiturate)
*Benadryl (Sun intolerance)
Bendrofluazide AU OH
Benoxaprofen AU OH
Benzbromarone AU OH
Benzodiazepines WU
[Benzylthiouracil]AU OH (conflicting evidence)
[Bepridil] (Calcium Channel Blocker) (conflicting evidence)
Beta-Adrenergic Blocking Agents & Thiazide Diuretics (Contain Sulfa)
Birth Control Pills APF SA
Brevicon (Birth control)
Bromocriptine AU CAN OH
Bronkolixir (Contains barbiturate)
Bucet (Contains Barbiturate)
Busodium (Contains Barbiturate)
*Buspirone (Warning for liver disease)
*Buspar (Buspirone) (Warning for liver disease)
Busulphan AU OH
Butabarbital (Barbiturate) APF
Butabital w/ Codeine (Barbiturate) APF
Butabital (Barbiturate) APF
Butace (Barbiturate) APF
Butalan (Barbiturate) APF
Butalgen (Barbiturate) APF
Butibel (Barbiturate) APF
Butisol (Barbiturate) APF
*Butylscopolamine AU OH (Evidence of triggering attacks)
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Cafergot = PB (Berbiturate/ Ergot) APF
*Calan (Verapamil/ Calcium Channel Blocker) (Evidence of attacks)
Calcium Channel Blockers [APF]
Captopril AU OH
*Carbamazepine (Evidence of attacks) AIP AU CAN FR OH WU
(This is a known Inducer of Cyctochrome P-450)
*Carbromal AU OH (Evidence of attacks)
Cardizem (Diltiazem)
*Carisoprodol (Known to induce attacks) APF AU FR NE OH
*Carmustine SA
Cefuroxime (Conflicting evidence) AU OH
Celontin (Methosuximide)
Centrax (Benzo)
[Cephalosporins] (Conflicting evidence) AU OH SA
[Cephalerin] (Conflicting evidence) AU OH
[Cephradine] (Conflicting evidence) AU OH
Chardonna (Barbiturate) APF
[Chlorambucil] (Conflicting evidence) AU OH
*Chloral Hydrate
*Chloramphenicol (Known inducer) AU OH
*Chlordiazepoxide (Benzo (Known Inducer) ) AU OH
*Chlornezanone (Benzo) (Known Inducer) AU OH
Chloroform AU OH
*Chloroquine (Known inducer) AU CAN WU
*Chlorpropamide (Known Inducer) AU CAN OH WU
*Chloramphenicol WU
(This is an Inducer of Cyctochrome P-450)
Chronovera (Verapamil / Calcium Channel Blocker) APF AU CAN OH
Cimetidine AU CAN SA
Cinnarizine AU OH
Clemastine AU OH
Clindex (Benzo)
Clinoxide (Benzo)
[Clobazam] (Conflicting evidence) AU OH
[Clomipramine HCI] (Conflicting evidence) AU OH
[Clonazepam] (Benzo) (Conflicting evidence) APF AU
*Clopr (Metroclorpramide) APF
*Clorazepate (Known evidence) AU OH
Cocaine CAN OH
[Colistin] (Conflicting evidence) AU OH
Contraceptives -
Cordarine (Amadorone) SA
*Cotrim (Sulfonamide) APF
Cotrim DS (Sulfonamide) APF
Co-Trimoxazole (Sulfonamide) APF
Crinone (Progestin)
Cyclomen (Danazol) APF
Cyclophosphamide AU OH
Cycloserine AU OH
Cyclosporin AU OH
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Dalmane (Benzo) GD
Danocrine (Danazol) APF
Donnazyme (Known to induce) GD
Dantrdene SA
Dantrium SA
*Dapsone AU PH WU
Daunorubicin SA
Delaxin (Methocarbamol) GD
Depakene (Valporic Acid) APF CAN SA
Depakote SA
Depro - Provera - (Progestin)
Dexfenfluramine AU OH
Dextropropoxyphene AU OH
Diazepam (Benzo) AU OH
Diazepam Instensol (Benzo) AU OH
*Dichloralphenazone AU
*Diclofenac APF AU CAN OH
*Diclofenac Na APF AU CAN OH
Dienostrol AU OH
Diethylproprion AU OH
Dihydralazine AU OH
*Dihydroergotamine AU OH
*Dilantin (Phenytoin) APF AU CAN OH
Dilcor - XR (Diltiazem / Calcium channel blocker) AU OH
Diltiazem (Calcium channel blocker) AU OH
*Dimenhydrinate AU OH
Diones APF
*Diphenhydramine AU OH
*Diphenylan (Phenytoin) APF
Disopyramide WU
Disulfiram SA
Divalpoex SA
Dolmar (Barbiturate)
Donnamor (Barbiturate)
Donnapine (Barbiturate)
Donna-Sed (Barbiturate)
Donnatol (Barbiturate)
Donnatal No. 2 (Barbiturate)
Donnatal Extentabs (Barbiturate)
Donphen (Barbiturate)
[Dothiepin HCI] (Conflicting evidence) AU OH
Doxycycline AU OH
Duralutin - (Progestin)
*Dydogesterone AU OH

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*Econazole NO3 AU OH
Elixophyllin (*Contains Amitriptyline)
*Emex (Metroclopramide) APF
*Enalapril AU OH
Endolor (Barbiturate)
Enflurance AU OH WU
* Epitol (Carbamazepine)
Epromate-M (Meprobamate)
Equagesic (Meprobamate)
* Equanil (Meprobamate)
Equanil Wyseals (Meprobamate)
Ercat (Ergot) APF
Ergometrine (Ergot) APF
Ergometrine Maleate (Ergot) APF AU OH
Ergonovine (Ergot) APF
Ergostat (Ergot) APF
*Ergot Compounds APF AU OH
Ergotamine (Ergot) APF WU
Ergotamine Tartrate (Ergot) APF AU OH
*Erythromycin CAN OH SA
*Erythrocin (Erythromycin)
*Erythrocot (Erythromycin)
*Erythromid (Erythromycin)
*Ery-Tabs (Erythromycin)
Eryzole (Sulfonamide)
Esgic (Barbiturate)
Esgic-Plus (Barbiturate)
*Estramustine AU OH
Estazolam (Benzo)
Estrogen CAN SA WU
Estrostep (Birth control)
Ethamysylate AU OH
*Ethanol AU CAN OH WU
*Ethchlorvynol APF
Ethionamide AU OH
*Ethosuximide AU OH
*Ethotoin (Hydontoin) AU OH
Etidocaine AU OH
Etomidate AU OH WU
Etretinate SA
Eucalyptus CAN WU
Ezol (Barbiturate)
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Fansidar (Sulfadoxine)
FBM (Felbamate) APF
Febatol (Felbamate) APF
Felbamate APF
*Feldene (Known to cause rash and light sensitivity to cutaneous porphyrics)
Felodipine (Calcium channel blocker)
Femcet (Barbiturate)
Fenfluramine AU OH
Fiorinal (Some forms are Barbiturate containing)
*Flexon (Orphenadrine) AU OH
*Fluoxymesterone (Androgen)
Flurazepam (Benzo)
Folex (Methotrexate)
Fortabs (Contain barbiturates)
*Frusemide AU OH
*Fulvicin P/G (Griseofulvin)
*Fulvicin U/F (Griseofulvin)
*Furosemide AU OH
*Furoside (Furosemide)
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G-1 (Barbiturate)
*Gantanol (Sulfonamide)
Gantrisin (Sulfonamide)
Gemonil (Barbiturate)
Genora (Birth Control)
Gesterol 50 (Progestin)
Gesterol LA (Progestin)
Gliclazide (Sulfonylurea)
*Glipizide (Sulfonylurea)
*Glucamide (Sulfonylurea)
*Glucotroi (Sulfonylurea)
*Glutethimide APF
*Grifulvin V (Griseofulvin)
*Grisactin (Griseofulvin)
*Grisaction Ultra (Griseofulvin)
*Grisovin-FP - (Griseofulvin)
*Gris-Peg (Griseofulvin)
*Griseofulvin APF
Gusiphed (Some contain barbiturates)
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Halazepam (Benzo)
(Halcion) (Triazolam) (Conflicting evidence)
[Haldol] (Haloperidol) (Conflicting evidence) AU OH
[Haloperidol] AU OH
*Halothane AU OH WU
[Halperon] (Haloperidol) (Conflicting evidence)
Heptogesic (Mepromate)
*Hydantoins AU OH WU
*Hydralazine AU OH WU
*Hydra-Zide (Hydralazine)
*Hydrochlorothiazide AU OH
Hydrophed (Hydroxine) AU OH
*Hydroxychloroquine (Chloroquine)
*Hydroxyzine AU OH
Hyosophen (Barbiturate)
Hyprogest (Progestin)
Hyproval P.A. (Progestin)
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Idenal w/ Codeine (Barboiturate)
*Imipramine AU CAN OH WU
Iproniazid AU OH
Isobutal (Barbiturate)
Isocet (Barbiturate)
Isolin (Barbiturate)
Isollyl w/ Codeine (Barbiturate)
Isollyl Improved (Barbiturate)
Isometheptene Mucate AU OH
Isopap (Barbiturate)
[Isoniazid] (Conflicting evidence) AU OH
[Isotamine] (Isoniazid) (Conflicting evidence) AU OH
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Kava (Unregulated hebral supplement with conflicting evidence) Keflet (Cephlasporin) (Conflicting evidence) AU OH
Keflex (Cephlasporin) (Conflicting evidence) AU OH
Keftab (Cephlasporin) (COnflicting evidence) AU OH
Ketazolam (Benzo)
*Ketoconazole AU
*K-Flex (Orphenadrine)
Kinesed (Barbiturate)
Ketoconazole AU OH WA
Klonopin (Benzo) (Conflicting evidence)
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Lanifolf (Barbiturate)
Lanorinal (Barbiturate)
Lasix (furosemide) AU OH
Lectopam (Benzo)
*Levonorgestrol AU OH
Levsin (Barbiturate)
Levin-B (Barbiturate)
Levsinex (Barbiturate)
Librax (Benzo)
Libritabs (Benzo)
Librium (Benzo)
Lidoxide (Benzo)
Lignocaine AU OH
Limbitrol (Benzo)
Limbitrol DS (Benzo)
Loprazolam (Benzo) AU OH
Lorazepam (Benzo)
Lorazepam Intensol (Benzo)
Loxapac (Loxapine) AU OH
Loxapine AU OH
Luminal (Barbiturate)
*Lynestrenol AU OH
Lysuride Maleate AU OH
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*Macrobid (Nitrofurantoin)
*Macrodontin (Nitrofurantoin)
Malatal (Barbiturate)
Maolate (Chlorapenesin)
Maprotiline HCI AU OH
*Marax (COnains barbiturate)
Marbaxin (Muscle relaxant) GD
*Marflex (Orphenadrine)
Marnal (Barbiturate)
*Maxeran (Metroclopramide)
Mebaral (Barbiturate)
Mebaril (Barbiturate)
Mebeverine HCI AU OH
*Mecillinam AU OH
Medigesic (Barbiturate)
*Medi-Tran (Mepromate)
Medilium (Benzo)
*Medroxyprogesterone (Progestin)
Megace (Progestin)
Megace Oral Suspension (Progestin)
Megestrol Acetate (Progestin)
Minaval (Estrogen)
*Mephenytoin (Phenytoin) APF
Mephobarital (Barbiturate)
Mepivacine AU OH WU
Mepro Analgesic (Meprobamate)
*Meprobamate APF
Meprogese (Meprobamate)
Meprogesic (Meprobamate)
Meprogesic Q (Meprobamate)
*Meprospan (Meprobamate)
Meprospan 200 (Meprobamate)
Meprospan 400 (Meprobamate)
Mercury Compounds
*Mesantoin (Hydantoin)
Mestrabnol OH
Metaxalone (Muscle relaxant) GD
Metharbital (Barbiturate)
Methocarbamol (Muscle relaxant)
Methotrexate CAN OH SA
Methoxyflurane AU OH
Methsuximide AU OH
*Methyl Sulphonal AU OH
*Methylprylon APF AU OH
*Methysergide AU OH
Methsuximide WU
*Metoclopramide APF AU OH (Known inducer)
Metopirone (Metyrpone) GD
Metyrapone (Known inducer) GD
Meval (Benzo) GD
Mianserin HCI AU OH
*Miconazole AU OH WU
Micrainin (Meprobamate)
Midazolam (Benzo) GD
Mifepristone (Conflicting evidence) AU
Milltown (Meprobamate)
[Mifepristone] (COnflictig evidence) AU
Minoxidil CAN
Mogadon (Benzo) GD
*Mudran (Barbiturate)
Mudrane (Barbiturate)
Muscle Relaxants
Myleran (Busulfan) AU OH
Myldone (Primidone) AFP GD
Mysoline (PRimidone) AFP GD
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