ABCs of Porphyria
Chemical Toxins and Porphyria
Clinical Trials
Diagnostic Testing
Dietary Information for Porphyrics
Drugs and Porphyria
General References
Genetics and Porphyria

Royalty and Historical Porphyria
Specific Medical Care Needs for Porphyrics
Nerves and Neurology
Outreach Services
Porphyria Specialists
Descriptions of Porphyria Types

ABC's Of Porphyria
The Porphyrias - In Depth Review

Clinical Manifestations, Diagnosis and Treatment of Porphyria
Cytochrome P-450

Metabolic Disorders - Porphyrias

Names of Porphyrins

NIDDK (Digestive Diseases) Porphyria Website

Painful Porphyria: Introduction to Deriree Lyon

Porphyria Pathology (Australia)


Summary of Porphyria Syndromes

Welsh Porphyria Website (Alana Adams)

Chemical Toxins & Porphyria
Biochemical  MS & Porphyria
Chelation Therapy
Cutaneous Heme Metabolis & Porphyrias<
Disorders of Porphyrin Metabolism - Dr. Grace Ziem MD

Gulf War Syndrome

Heme Biosynthesis mustajoki/molecula.html
Heme Oxygenase [Dr. Attallah Kappas/ Rockefeller Laboratory]

PCT & Carcinoma (Case Study)

Porphyrinogens,Porphyrins,and Porphyrias

Porphyria and MCS (Thompson)
Porphyria Research [Dr. Sassa - Rockefeller University]

Porphyria and Sickle Cell Anemia (Manchester UK)
Sick Buildings

Toxic Hazards

Clinical Trials
Clinical Trials Database

Diagnostic Testing

24 Hour Urine Porphyria Testing

ALA Urine Testing
Common Laboratory Tests in Liver Disease
Index of Worldwide Porphyria Labs
Laboratory Diagnosis in Porphyria

PBG Deaminase Red Blood Cell Testing

PBG Synthetase Red Blood Cell Testing
PCT [ Porphyria Cutaneous Tarda]- A Complete Overview

Red Cell Porphyrin Testing

Porphobilogen Urine Testing
Porphyria Family Village - University of Wisconsin

Porphyrin Faeces Testing
Dr. Robert J. Desnick - Mt. Sinai - Porphyria DNA Research

Dr. Kenneth Astrin - Mt. Sinai - Porphyria DNA Research *astrin.html

Skin Biopsy for Porphyria

Uroporphyrinogen Decarboxylase Red Cell Testing

Dietary Information for Porphyrics
Dietary Pyramid


Drugs & Porphyria

Antimicrobial Agents in Porphyria
Dr. Michael Moore's Website-University of Queensland
Drug Reaction Feedback
South African Porphyria Drug List


General References
American Porphyria Foundation  [**$35.00 Access Fee]
Canadian Porphyria Foundation, Inc.
Mayo Clinic Health Site
National Library of Medicine
US National Library of Medicine

European Porphyria Initiative:
Dr. George Elder

Dutch EPP


Genetics & Porphyria

Genetic Study of AIP laa/kliin/vk/mustajoki/molecula.html

Molecular Background of AIP laa/kliin/vk/mustajoki/molecula.html

Structure of Porphyrins
Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man

Understanding Gene Testing
Your Genes, Your Choices


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