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Porphyria Educational Services

Vol. 1 No. 36                                            Sept. 1, 1999
FOCUS:  Glucose Protocol for Acute Attacks

The established glucose protocol for the treatment of acute attacks of porphyria seems to have evolved over a period of years and by various entities.

The glucose protocol  reads as follows..

1. Draw basic blood chemistry  [hgm, PT/INR, WBC. RBC, platelet, electrolyte panel] this checks for infection, blood problems associated with porph, and most importantly the electrolytes check to be sure you are balance so you will not experience the mental aspects of porph attacks.----   and hyponatremia etc. What are the electrolytes?        The electrolytes are sodium, chloride, potassium etc.

2. Collect basic UA [ urine]  - this is to check for infection

3.Vital Stats: Blood pressure, pulse, and oxygen

4. Begin IV line

5. Begin  intravenous feeding of 400-500 mg DW [glucose] per 24 hours.
    *If electrolyte panel show any defiency sodium or potassium may be aded to the DW.

    Speed  and strength of dosage is determined by the individual's vascular makeup [good veins  and ability to tolerate].

6. AT the end of 24 hours an additional 12 hours may be infused.

7. If NO vast improvement then heme [Panhematin Abbott Lab may be mixed and infused.

This is in the medical texts.......and up revised in 1997 to 400-500 from the previous 300-400 as recommended by APF.