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2001 Bulletins

Including the Monthly PES drug Update

In this article, Real Basic Chemistry for Porphs, we’re not going into any chemical theory. We’re not going to explain the interesting how and why of what we write--just the dry facts as we know them, or think we do. The ancient Greeks thought that everything was made up in varying proportions of four things: earth, fire, air and water. Today we believe that here on earth, and probably in the other planets, and suns there are 90 naturally occurring elementary materials or


and everything is either an element, or composed of different elements in certain definate proportions not arbitrary porportions. Such combinations are called COMPOUNDS

More about them a bit later after introducing atoms and molecules. The point is then that every either an element or a compound, or as in the human body a mixture of elements and thousands of different compounds.
You are very familiar with many elements directly, and with the names of many more. We have found it convienent to classify elements as either METALS or not metals, NON-METALS . We list some of the more important ones (for our purposes ) below. We also append the chemical symbol for them.